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The begin of an excellent watch maker Georges Favre-Jacot, a visionary watchmaker, was single-mindedly committed to the goal of creating the most accurate and reliable watches of his era. To achieve this, he quickly realised he would need to revolutionise the manner of producing his watches. Various artisans had previously been scattered between various isolated workshops with no real links between them. This made it hard to foster the progress of these complex mechanisms in which all parts interact with the others. Georges Favre-Jacot innovated by building spacious, bright buildings uniting all watchmaking professions under one roof for the very first time and thus enabling appropriate testing of all components and of the complete mechanism. Results followed swiftly, and the combined strength of the various professions exercised under one roof significantly contributed to the advancement of technologies and manufacturing processes. The watches being sent out from Le Locle around the world were indeed the most precise and reliable ever made. ZENITHs destiny was sealed and would henceforth be inextricably linked with timing performance. Representing a rare phenomenon in the watch industry, the Manufacture is currently still located in the exact spot where the founder built his first workshop. Click here for more about ZENITH