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The Luxury-Service Group 2006-2008 In 2006 Kevin Huber startet the idea to build an international luxury guide. After creating the first website in 2007 in London, Luxury-Service became in less then 3 months well known for an exclusive and simple high class luxury guide. Since 2008 the website has the most exclusive partners on the earth, like Cartier, Brabus or Hublot. The Luxury-Service Group had an office in Switzerland, Germany, Saudi-Arabia, the United States of America an in Poland. With the exclusive service enfolded private air, special trips, five star hotels, VIP tickets arround the world and a lot more. 2009-2010 In 2009/2010 the website was world wide known for one of the most exclusive and the best luxury guides. The Luxury-Service Group had over 3.2 million visitors from more than 18 countries. 2011-2012 After that success decided Kevin Huber to sell the company deals in 2011 and to close the company. In the same year the Luxury-Service Group (website) was taken back by Kevin Huber. The management decided to restart the luxury guide with his only focus at this. 2013 The Luxury-Service Group released the new website 2014 The Luxury-Service Twitter Account is growing with thousends of LUXURY-NEWS. 2015 The Luxury-Service Group was sold to the WeDo Holding Limited based in London and Switzerland. 2016 The LUXURY-SERVICE GROUP celebrated 10 years! In summer 2016 the group released 2 new websites. Press about the Luxury-Service Group